Press on Nails

You can measure your nails at home using the sizing chart and a measuring tape. Please make sure to measure in millimeters. If you are unsure of your nail measurements or worried about measuring incorrectly you can purchase a sizing kit, which retails at £4.50.


Sizing kit £4.50

If you want to make sure you get the perfect fit, you can order a sizing kit. 

This kit will contain one nail of each size in your choice of shape (coffin, stiletto, almond, round or square) so you can size up each nail to find the perfect fit.

***Please note an application kit is not included***

Make sure you choose the shape and length that you will be ordering in a finished set as every shape and length are slightly different.

 Some tips fit very narrow while others can fit quite wide (for example: a 5 in Medium Stiletto fits differently to the Short Stiletto 5) 

***Ordering a sizing kit is HIGHLY recommended when ordering Nixies nails for the first time, or when trying a new shape/length that you haven't tried before***

(These nails are in their raw format, meaning they have no polish, gel or finishing touches etc to strengthen them, they are fit for measuring purposes only)


Please understand that I can not be held responsible for sizing issues due to you measuring improperly since all nails are made to order.

This is why this kit really comes in handy.


Shape & Length


Please note, our square sizes are slightly wider than the other nail shapes, if you haven't purchased a square sample kit and order a square shape, DO NOT use the same nail sizes you've got from another kit. Please order a sample kit for this shape.