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Luscious and Long Semi Permanent Lashes are a must!


Eyelash Extensions

Classic Individual Full Set £50.00

Classic Individual 2 Week Infills £25.00

Classic Individual 3 Week Infills £30.00

Hybrid New Full Set £60.00

Hybrid 2 Week Infill £30.00

Hybrid 3 Week Infill £35.00

Russian New Full Set £65.00

Russian 2 Week Infill £35.00

Russian 3 Week Infill £40.00

Lash Top Up £20.00

Eyelash Extension Removal £15.00


We offer the popular Semi Permanent Lash Extension Service

Nikki has a Masters diploma in the art of eyelash extensions.


Semi Permanent Lash Extensions are an exciting innovation in lashes, using a simple, safe and effective procedure, lashes are thickened and lengthened with immediate results.

Unlike traditional strip lashes, Semi Permanent Eyelashes provide a longer-lasting and more effective way of extending lashes.

The results are natural looking, beautiful lashes that are perfect for all occasions.

The Eyelash extensions can last between 6 - 8 weeks (depends on growth of eye lash).

Eyelash infills should be done every 2-3 weeks for maximum durability. 


Why Regular Lash infill’s are important?

Once the eyelash extensions are done the natural lash continues to grow. This means that the lash extensions move forward with your natural lash. The lash extension can become too heavy for your natural lash and can cause it to droop and the natural lash will then fall out early in its growth cycle causing a delay in your natural lash growing back.

Regular infill’s stop this from happening as the old extensions that have grown forward to much are replaced with new ones as well as gaps being filled.

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