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SHR (super hair removal) combines IPL and Radio Frequency.  The advantage of combining IPL and Radio frequency is it reaches deeper down and does not affect melanin in the skin, this means all skin types can be treated, which IPL cannot alone.  

This can also target light grey and red hair.  Also by using this latest technology together, it has the bonus of rejuvenating the skin at the same time leaving it softer than normal.


1 Facial Area £40

2 Facial Areas £50

3 Facial Areas £70

Full Face £80

Under Arm £50

Bikini Line £60

U/A & B/L £80

Legs £130

Back or Chest £120

Arms £90

Buttocks £80


Note: 6 - 8 Treatments required

No hair length required

All hair treatable

Laser Hair Removal

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